What Is Resisting Arrest?

Resisting arrest is defined as opposing any officer who is doing his or her legal duty. This also involves interfering with law enforcement in any way, arguing with police officer without violence, or fighting an officer with violence. However, it must be understood that no officer has the right to carry out searches, seizures or arrests without probable cause or a warrant.

Punishment as Per Law

There are two different kinds of criminal categories that resisting arrest can fall under in Florida. The first is “resisting officer with violence,” and is considered a criminal activity which could lead to up to five years in prison or a hefty fine. The second is “resisting arrest without violence,” which may also lead to fines and up to one year in jail.

What Is the Next Step?

Being convicted of resisting arrest can damage your reputation, and can result in other significant consequences. Regardless of whether you were charged with resisting arrest with or without violence, you need seasoned legal representation to provide you with a solid defense.

As an experienced and highly professional lawyer, I have the skills and experience to represent you in court. Each arresting case is unique and requires depth of knowledge and practice. As a qualified attorney, I will fight for your right from the beginning of the case to the end.

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