Getting charged with a felony crime is one of the most seriously devastating periods in a person’s life.  A felony can change a person; it can wreak havoc on their mental, emotional, and physical states, and it can ruin relationships, reputations, and careers as well.  Those who face a felony charge should never attempt to face the gavel alone. Working with an experienced attorney from the get go can help protect your future, your rights and your liberties.

What Is a Felony?

A felony is significantly more serious than a simple misdemeanor. It carries with it far more consequences, including prison time, costly fines, the loss of your ability to vote in upcoming elections, inability to get assistance from the government, and even the incessant decline of your job applications.  Many felonies cannot be expunged, meaning that they will remain on your criminal record for the remainder of your life, even after you satisfy the court’s requirements for punishment. It is important to fight zealously in the beginning for the dismissal of all charges, and as a seasoned criminal defense attorney in Florida, I can help you do that.

Obtaining the Right Legal Assistance

Although the courts can provide you with a court appointed lawyer, your future depends on the skill and experience of your attorney. It is essential that you work with a defense lawyer who has had proven success defending clients in similar situations, and who has the resources to challenge the prosecution at every turn. I work tirelessly for my clients to protect their rights and freedoms, and will do everything possible to eliminate or reduce the charges against you.

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