What Is Trespassing?

Under Florida law, trespassing is defined as intentionally and forcefully occupying, remaining in, or entering someone’s property without the owner’s approval. If the owner of a property reports someone as a trespasser to the authorities, the matter goes to court. One thing is to be noted that trespassing cannot occur in a place which is open to public, for example, places like restaurants, bars, and shops. If any criminal activity occurs on public places, then such activities will be classified under different categories.

What Are the Punishments For Trespassing?

Trespassing is further divided in four different groups:

  1. Trespassing on someone’s property
  2. Trespassing on school grounds
  3. Trespassing a structure
  4. Trespassing as a means of conveyance

In these four different types of trespassing, a person who committed the act of trespassing can be charged according to the circumstances, however, the minimum charges can be up to 60 days in jail with a fine of up to $500. If the trespasser is carrying a weapon, he or she may be given a 5 year prison sentence with up to a $5,000 fine. In Florida, law enforcement agencies take this matter seriously and act quickly after a complaint is filed.

What to Do Now?

If you have been charged with this offense in Florida, it is very important that you contact an attorney for immediate assistance. Handling your case directly without involving an attorney can make your case more difficult and can increase the chances you will be found guilty. With years of practicing law and successfully defending clients with similar cases, I can help you mitigate the penalties you are facing.

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