What You Should Know About Common Criminal Allegations in Florida

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What You Should Know About Common Criminal Allegations in Florida

Posted on : June 1, 2018, By:  Steve Taylor

Whether it was one simple mistake or a night gone wrong, criminal charges carry the potential for time behind bars and other consequences. When you have been accused, you cannot afford to wait to get help from a FL criminal defense attorney; in fact, your freedom might depend on it. Your lawyer will step in to evaluate your needs and help you come up with a plan to fight back.

Police officers across the state are cracking down on alleged criminal activity. A 2013 FBI study shows that the 10 most common crimes committed across the state of Florida include drug abuse violations, liquor law violations, burglary, vandalism, robbery, fraud, aggravated assault, DUI, theft, and assault. Drug crimes come in at number one, making up approximately one-third of all arrests outside of traffic offenses.

Drug offenses can be especially overwhelming and confusing for someone who is accused, because the penalties associated with drug crimes can be serious and may be mandatory.

The severity of the penalties linked to drug crime allegations can range from possession to trafficking, and therefore should always be evaluated directly by an experienced criminal defense attorney in Florida. The sooner that you identify an attorney who has successfully represented other people with similar charges, the more confident you will feel about moving forward with your criminal defense strategy. Theft is another common crime often committed and charged across Florida.

A theft is committed every single minute across Florida, and it refers to the unauthorized use or taking of another person’s property. This can include offenses like misappropriation, larceny, stealing, conversion and more. The value of the property will determine whether or not this theft charge is classified as a misdemeanor or a felony and the resulting charges may be elevated as a result of the overall value of the property. In all of these situations, it is imperative for someone facing criminal charges to realize the possible consequences for their future and to retain a lawyer instead.