What Does It Mean to Be Charged with Your Fourth DUI in Florida?

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What Does It Mean to Be Charged with Your Fourth DUI in Florida?

Posted on : February 7, 2019, By:  Steve Taylor

Every subsequent DUI charge could increase your chances of conviction and lasting consequences. With so much at stake, you must be prepared for evaluating police actions and determining your defense options. You could risk losing your license for a long time and having multiple convictions on your record doesn’t help your rental ability or employment opportunities.

If you are charged with a fourth DUI crime in the state of Florida, you are facing significant consequences. The Centers for Disease Control shares that slightly under 2% of adults across the country have admitted to driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. However, the number of drivers who admit to this in the state of Florida increases to just over 2%.

Unfortunately, a person who has been arrested for their fourth or subsequent DUI probably already has a good idea of the consequences they are facing. Every time an individual has been convicted of a DUI in Florida, the punishments and penalties are enhanced. Other aggravating factors could amplify your consequences.

This includes having a minor in the vehicle, a blood alcohol test that reads higher than 0.15% or being involved in a vehicle accident that causes injuries to other people. Florida statute 316.193 explains that when an individual is arrested and convicted of their fourth or subsequent violation of DUI, they have committed a felony of the third degree. The fines can be significant for someone who is arrested and convicted for a fourth Florida DUI.

Any other mandatory DUI penalties will still apply, but your driver’s license could be revoked permanently. Trying to move on with your life and get to and from work or carry out errands without a driver’s license could be extremely problematic for you. If you are facing a fourth DUI charge in Florida, your most important question is whether or not you will spend time in prison. A fourth DUI in Florida is a level six offense and can lead to significant points on your license. Protect your license and your freedom by consulting with a DUI lawyer immediately- as soon as you’ve been accused, set up your defense plan.