Can I Still Get A DUI If I Am Taking Prescribed Medicine?

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Can I Still Get A DUI If I Am Taking Prescribed Medicine?

Posted on : May 23, 2019, By:  Steve Taylor

Driving While Impaired

Anything that could impair your ability to safely operate your vehicle puts you and others at risk on the road.

Many people rightly recognize that the most common situation involving a DUI is one in which a person is allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. However, this is not the only situation that can lead to criminal charges of DUI or driving under the influence in Florida. In fact, you can be accused of being under the influence of drugs since this can also impair your driving ability. Most people who think about driving under the influence of drugs might assume that taking illegal medications is the only circumstance that could lead to DUI charges. However, if you are currently taking medication that could alter your ability to safely drive your vehicle, this could also lead to DUI charges even if you have an appropriate prescription for this drug.

Doctor’s Orders

Even if your doctor orders that you take a certain medication and writes you a prescription for it, these drugs can still alter your ability to act and think in a safe manner behind the wheel of a vehicle. Ultimately, it is at the discretion of the police officer. If the officer does not believe that your medicine could have impaired motor function or your brain, it is unlikely that you will receive a Florida DUI charge.

However, if the officer does believe that you are under the influence of medication, prescription or otherwise, that has impeded your ability to drive safely, you could receive a citation for a DUI and need to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. One of the challenges in your case is for the officer to show how your driving was actually impaired.

Protect Yourself

One of the best ways to protect yourself in this situation is to identify an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help you navigate this difficult process with legal guidance from someone who has been there before. It can be extremely difficult to figure out how to best prepare yourself for defense in a criminal case, but the sooner you identify an attorney, the easier it will be for you to determine your next steps.