Top Responsibilities of Landlords in Florida

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Top Responsibilities of Landlords in Florida

Posted on : December 12, 2017, By:  Steve Taylor
hire a FL landlord lawyer for help with compliance

Landlords have a specific responsibility as well as legal rights under the law. Avoiding legal hassles in Florida by complying and being familiar with landlord-tenant laws is a top priority for anyone who owns or manages a property.

When you fail to meet these requirements and a tenant brings legal action against you because of it, you’ll need to be prepared to fight back with an attorney of your own. While no one ever wants to be in this position, you must be ready to respond immediately.

Showing the courts that you take your role as a landlord seriously can help to defray some of the problems and keep things from escalating further. The right lawyer makes a big difference in how you can identify problems now and chart a course for a better future. You should not wait if you’re concerned about what to do next. A proactive plan can help you.


There are many different legal responsibilities that fall under the umbrella of the landlord. These include:

  • Complying with anti-discrimination laws.
  • Meeting the Florida security deposit limits and return rules.
  • Following the state rules on rent.
  • Preparing a written rental agreement or lease.
  • Providing housing that is classified as habitable.
  • Respecting the tenant’s privacy by giving tenants 12 hours’ notice before entering the rental property.
  • Making legally required disclosures.
  • Avoiding retaliation against the tenant who exercises their legal rights.
  • Following exact procedures for evicting a tenant or terminating a tenancy.

All of these legal responsibilities can land you in hot water and could actually open up a landlord to paying damages to a tenant in the event of a problem. This is what makes it so important to retain an experienced attorney as soon as possible when you suspect that you have a legal issue with a tenant. Proper education and preparation of such a claim can help you avoid consequences and enable you to move forward more effectively in your future. Running or renting a property is an exciting prospect but it is one that should be done with care and concern- get help from a Florida landlord lawyer if you have questions.