Remember to Stay Calm When Accused of A DUI

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Remember to Stay Calm When Accused of A DUI

Posted on : June 10, 2018, By:  Steve Taylor

If you are accused of a DUI in Florida, it’s natural to get overwhelmed, anxious or even fearful of what the future holds. You may be shocked to realize that an officer is accusing of DUI, particularly if you do not believe that you are under the influence or that the officer is targeting you for unfair or illegal reasons. Regardless of the situations that led to you being pulled over and accused of a DUI, it is a big mistake to allow this situation to escalate. Make sure you don’t argue with the officer under any circumstances.

Instead, it is far better to remain calm and speak to the officer clearly while answering his or her questions, if necessary. Remember that you are not required to answer every single question the officer asks, but you should always try to comply with their requests in a reasonable and calm manner.

You could never anticipate exactly how a police officer may respond when you get very aggressive or threaten to use physical violence. In fact, they are well within their rights to respond with an increasingly escalating response of their own, which could make a bad situation much worse. If you find yourself in this situation, remember to take a couple of deep breaths and to remain courteous with the officer, even if you do not feel that that same courtesy has been returned to you. An attorney will be able to evaluate the evidence and the eligibility of the officer to pull you over in the first place after the fact and now is not the time to argue with the police officer that he or she did something wrong or to accuse them of breaking the law.

Keeping your wits about you will increase the chances that you will be able to get out of this unfortunate incident and be able to share your concerns and evidence directly with a lawyer who can help you with a solid criminal defense strategy. Staying cool is one way to avoid this situation getting any worse.