Do Police Ever Make Mistakes in DUI Investigations?

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Do Police Ever Make Mistakes in DUI Investigations?

Posted on : January 7, 2019, By:  Steve Taylor
Miami Florida DUI Attorney Steve T. Law

How Do You Protect Yourself

Presenting the details to someone who is familiar with these kinds of stops and investigations makes it much easier to identify when the police have made an error that could lead to your freedom.

An experienced DUI defense lawyer is there to assist you if you have been accused of a crime and need to know whether or not the officers violated protocols or made mistakes that could lead to your freedom. The discovery of a police mistake in a DUI investigation could lead to the charges being dismissed entirely.

If police do not follow appropriate procedures, a motion to dismiss the charges or to exclude or suppress incriminating evidence can be filed. Some of the most common mistakes officers engage in during the course of a DUI trial include, copying and pasting previous police reports, insufficient probable cause to pull the person over to begin with, failure to obtain a drinking pattern, not getting two breath samples, not keeping track of vital details, not waiting 15 minutes for a breath test, inappropriately administering field sobriety tests, failing to maintain proper chain of custody for a blood draw, failure to admonish in a chemical test refusal, failing to obtain a warrant prior to a forced blood draw, and failing to turn in a PAS device for required accuracy testing.

All of these potential mistakes could have big impacts on the outcome of your case and it should be reported to your criminal defense attorney as soon as possible if you suspect that the police made errors in the collection of evidence or in the filing of your case.

Sit down with your criminal defense attorney immediately to discuss options in your case.  Any of the mistakes named above could be crucial for your future and should be taken seriously.